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Boarding & Daycare

SImply call one number, 303-400-6999 to set up daycare, private boarding, or home-visit dates. We will do the rest! We are a network of good neighbors that eagerly await a four-legged visitor.  We will match up your pet with one of our families that you get a chance to meet with first, no obligation.  Call today so we may discuss your individual needs.


 We know how it feels to be focused on getting ready for a trip. Whether it's a quick weekend or a long get away, we all want to bring our pets with us if we can. If not, then we know you have family or friends that you can trust. But then, what if your favorite go-to petsitter isn't available?  

 Good Neighbors Pet Care is exactly that, only better.  Everyone is licensed, insured, and bonded. They can all be trusted to treat your pet as their own.  We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  We invite you to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation visit to meet any one of our households so you can feel comfortable knowing your best friend is in good hands.

 At Good Neighbors Pet Care your pets become our pets while you're away.  As long as they are well behaved, they may have the run of the house and become one of our pack.  Since we are not a "Open to the Public" business we have limited spaces, so please call or email us soon so we may be able to schedule your appointment.

In-Home Visits

 For families who have more than one pet, or cats that would rather stay home than expand their social cirlces, we offer in-home visits to take care of your home and its occupants while you're away. We can schedule anything from daily visits or even have a Pet Care Pro stay overnight and keep your household running as though you never left.

 Or if you have long work days, you can always schedule a mid day walk and play date.  Some dogs like to amble along and enjoy a leisurley stroll through their neighborhood. Other dogs have a lot of pent up energy and need explosive play. Since we do not walk dogs off leash, we can play their favorite games in the backyard with their favorite toys until they're panting and asking to go back inside. Then we refill their bowls, leave a written report about our outing, and securley lock up when we leave.  

 So many families appreciate not feeling guilty about their long days when they know a Good Neighbor Pro has been there and their four-legged ball of energy already got to play to their heart's content that day.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!


Do you live in southeast Aurora? Do you love pets too?  Have you ever wished you could spend more time with animals?  Are you interested in finding out more to see if you would be a good fit for Good Neighbors Pet Care?

We are always looking for quality households that would like to have and extra soul in the house.  If you would like to talk to us about becoming a Good Neighbor Pet Care Pro Home simply call or email us today and ask for Craig.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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